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Here is the Vesuvius, shaded by green vines, here fine grapes make the vats overflow: this mountain that Bacchus loved more than the hills of Nisa, on this mountain Satyrs have danced up to yesterday. Behold the dwelling of Venus, that she enjoyed more than Sparta. This is the famous place of the Lacryma Christi wine.

Il vino vive e fa parte della nostra vita: raccontarlo dunque vuol dire parlare di noi, di persone e di paesaggi.

With his deep knowledge of nature and man, he conversed for a long time with farmers, sharing their anxieties and their hopes on the vintage and, while enjoying a good glass, he acquired secrets, techniques and beliefs about the magical universe of the vineyard and wine: from the soil kind to sun exposure, from the origin of the vine to grafting techniques, from cultivation method to pruning, from harvesting time to the winemaking process, from the meaning of "waning moon" to the importance of transferring under the “earth wind”.

Dad Mario zealously keeps the secrets of this ancient wisdom and he renews, extends and consolidates the relationship of respect and trust with the winemakers of the Vesuvian lands. He designs and implements a first major innovation in company policy: he switches from selling wine in barrels to bottling, thus creating a wine brand that recalls the authentic rustic traditions.

Ritratto Famiglia Michele Romano Vini

Michele, "son and grandson", combining the traditions passed from his grandfather and father with the principles of modern enology, believing that only this combination can lead the product to perfection, inaugurates the internal winemaking process in 1979 and gets the acknowledgment of DOC and IGT brands on all the line.

And Michele, as a tribute to the continuity of family history, is passing down his experience to the vivid curiosity of his daughter Gemma.

Today Romano family, with its 20 hectares of directly cultivated vineyards located inside the National Park of Vesuvius, is the heart of a major wine-making reality related to the DOC production of White, Red and Ros Lacryma Christi, of White and Red Vesuvio as well as the production of IGT Pompeiano.

The company is associated with Road of Vesuvio Wine and typical Vesuvian products

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